oxtail soup


– 10 Oxtail

– 1 big onion, cut into pieces

– 2 or 3 garlic , cut into pieces


– salt

– leek (as you like )

-celery , cut into pieces ( as you like )

( you can add another some vegetables like carrot, potato, broccoli or anything else  what you like )




Preparation :

I think oxtail smelling it is very strong smelling and I can not eat with smelling very strong like oxtail  . I have idea for smelling gone

1. I was the oxtail with warm water. (You have to wash it to be clean and make sure there is no blood from the oxtail)

2. after that if it looks really clean input into a large Frypan ( waiting until it is getting boil )

3 . after the water boiling, turn off the stove and remove the water from the oxtail. and put in the water again .

Note : put in much water  and when you put in the water you should using cold water

( doing that  7 times or more  ( it is for remove the strong smelling from oxtail )

4. After 7 times or more you throw the water . Just leave on the oxtail and make sure the fire not really big  ( leave on until the oxtail looks very soft or cook )

note :  I’ve leave on my oxtail it is almost 6 or 7 hours for getting really soft . If it is oxtail cooking take time about 6 or more than 7 hours the oxtail will be more delicious

( note ; if the oxtail get boil make the fire low)

5 . When oxtail still cooking you can put bit salt and paper (don’t put much it  and bit stir after that leave on again )

6 . You can take another Frypan put in oil . Cut into piece onion and garlic

7. When the oil get boil put in onion first (you can stir 1 or minute don’t let onion getting brown ) after that you put in garlic and stir ( you just stir 1 or 3 minutes ) turn of the stove . Moving them to oxtail and bit stir your oxtail after that leave on again

7 . Cut celery and leek ( just cut small  (don’t cut much big)

8. After you cut that put all them to your oxtail (leave on again until 6 or 7 hours )

9. You can try the oxtail every 1 hours . If the oxtail  still like no taste you can put bit salt or more celery and small cut again after that stir again

10. If the oxtail looks very soft ( you can try to taste ) if you think it is already cook and enough soft the oxtail also cook you can turn of the stove . Moving the oxtail to small or big bowl . If you like potato or anything some vegetables you can put on the top

11. serve it







Curry Sausages

Carry Sausages

Ingredients :

– beef  sausage

– 1 – 1/2 beef or chicken stock ( you can use water as well )

-1 Onion (thinly sliced)

-1 cup or more green peas

-1 tbsp Curry Powder

– 1 tbsp Corn Flour


– Salt & Paper

-1 tsp Gravy Powder

unnamed (3)

Preparation :

  1. Heat oil in Frypan with medium-high heat. add sausage and fry until cooked. lift it from the fire and let it cool slightly then slice it (as you like)
  2. cut onion after cutting. add the oil to the frypan, wait until it looks boils. after boiling, put the onion and stir
  3. if onion already has changed the colours like brown colours. reduce the heat of the stove. Enter the sausage that you had cut before and stir again
  4. Enter chicken stock ,curry powder , salt , paper and stir. after looks get  red colour . Enter the corn flour and gravy powder then stir again. You can also add enough water and stir.
  5. stir for a few minutes to have a good smell and enter green peas then stir again (“you can try tasting with a small spoon. if you lack salt you can add a little and if it’s salty you can add water or chicken stock but not too much.”)
  6. stir again for a few minutes and let it boil (have a small bubble). when it has boiled and stir 2 or 3 minutes then turn off the heat of the stove.

7.serve it.


curry sausage


Enjoy ❤

Rice chicken porridge

Rice Chicken Porridge

bubur ayam 2

Ingredients :

it is for 2 or 3  portion

–  1 cup or 2 cups of rice

– 1 pack of drumstick chicken


For Yellow Sauce

– 1 big Red Onion

– 5 Garlic

– turmeric

– Coconut Milk (3 or 4 teaspoon)

and you can replace it with curry instant seasoning


-Reyco flavour Chicken (seasonings . You can replace it with another brand)

– Bay leaf

– Salt

-Sugar ( if you like)

-Spring Onions

-Sweet Sauce



1.wash the rice thoroughly then put it into a small size pan

2.before you make rice. You have to boil the chicken (drumstick chicken) with enough water or 1/4 small pan

3. Wait for the chicken to boil

4. when the chicken has boiled. move the chicken to the plate.

5. do not throw water from the chicken that you cooked

6. put rice in a small pan. into the water from the chicken you made before

7.let stand a few minutes. if the rice is seen there is a small bubble. add 1 cup of water (not too much) and stir

8. keep stirring. if it still looks like rice and is dry. add a little water and stir. (You can also add a little salt or flavouring spices.) And you can also let it sit for a few minutes if it looks dry you add a little water to help it turn into liquid

9 .keep stirring until the rice looks like porridge or the subject. so it doesn’t look like rice

10. if it is looks like porridge . move it to bowl


how to make yellow sauce:

1.red onion, garlic, turmeric you blender and you can also use instant curry (it’s easier). but I use it in a blender.

2.after blending, move it to a small skillet.

3.stir and add water (not too much water) and I also add a little instant curry spice

4. add 3 or 4 teaspoons of coconut milk and stir again (stove fire not too big)

5.then add a little salt, flavouring seasoning. bay leaves, lemongrass and sugar (if you like) and you can also add water (up to you how many you want put in the water )

6.stir until boiling and have a nice smell. You can also taste using a small spoon. if it’s lacking in salt or lack of water you can add it (that’s your taste)

7.when it’s ripe, move to the porridge that you made earlier. pour the yellow sauce into the porridge you can add the beans on top of the porridge or you can add sweet soy sauce, celery leaves and spring onions

8.the chicken that you made before , take the meat and cut it into small pieces using your hands. and sprinkle on top of the porridge that you made

9. serve it

bubur ayam




crispy chicken Wings with wheat flour

crispy chicken  Wings with wheat flour


ingredients :

1 pack of chicken wings (I bought it at the supermarket)1 egg
Wheat flour (I use the “Kentucky” brand I bought in an Asian package. You can use other brands)




unnamed (1)


Preparations :

1. Wash the chicken wings first until they look clean. then enter into the plate

2. Enter the flour into a large bowl and provide a small bowl for eggs and break the eggs with a small amount of salt and stir until looks smooth

3. Enter the oil into a pan and heat until boiling (small bubbles appear)

4 put the chicken in the egg. evenly spread the chicken with eggs to the entire body of the egg if it is evenly mixed into the flour. make sure the chicken is evenly distributed with the flour. if the chicken is evenly distributed with the flour you put it in the pan.

5. waiting for  few minutes after that turn the chicken. (because my husband and I really like crispy chicken. I cook until it really looks crispy)

6. keep turning the chicken do not get to burn. make sure the stove fire isn’t too big.

7. if the chicken looks brown and crispy lift and move it to the plate

8. Serve with rice or with other foods



Enjoy The Recipe


chicken with sweet soy sauce

we can make this food Not only meat but we make it with chicken, squid, shrimp and others .


ingredients :

1. 500 gr of chicken pieces.
2. 1 fruit palm sugar (small size)
3. 3 cloves
4. 2 star anise
5. 1 cinnamon segment.
6. 2 tablespoons sweet soy sauce
7. Broth powder (i am used Royco it is made Indonesia)

9. Salt to taste
10. 300 ml of enough water

Ground spices:

11. 7 onions
12. 4 garlic
13. 1 segment of ginger
14. 1/2 tsp cumin
15. 1/2 teaspoon of ground pepper –
16. 1/2 teaspoon of powder
17. Fried onions ( if you like you can use . i do not like that i am not use them )




Preparation :

1. Cut and wash the chicken. (I don’t like chicken skin so I throw away the chicken skin) . when the chicken has been washed. boil the chicken in a skillet with water but not too much (half the water if you have a large skillet) . if it get boiling, turn off the stove

2. saute garlic and onion. if it already smell good . puree all the spices enter the bowl . then the pureed ingredients in the bowl pour into the pan then saute again and add the cloves, cinnamon and star anise.

3. input water (not too much) and insert 1 palm sugar let stand a few minutes. if you have seen a small bubbling, crush the palm sugar slowly using a tablespoon. if palm sugar is destroyed and sauteed again. if you think it’s lacking in water. add water (but not too much). after that, add the broth and salt (not too much salt) then stir-fry again.

4. Add the chicken that you had boiled to the pan and stir again about 3 minutes after that, add the sweet sauce (I use sweet soy sauce from Indonesia. You can use another soy sauce. The important thing is sweet soy sauce).

5. saute again. until the chicken becomes brown. (you can try the food it is enough taste or no. if you still lack salt, soy sauce or broth you can add but not too much.

NOTE : I and my husband really loves red chilli so much . I put in some small 3 red chillies and cut them into small pieces and put them in the pan and if you do not like chilli. You can replace it with tomatoes or something else. like potatoes or something else.

6. let your cooking stand for 20 to 30 minutes until it really looks brown and get good smell. if it looks brown and has a nice smell. turn off the stove and pour it into a dish or bowl.

“if you like fried onions you can pour fried onions over the chicken                        because I don’t like fried onions I am not use fried onions”

and serve with white rice .




i am remember when we get sad or feeling not good we need something for tried to forget about those problem and also i remember when i was little kind my grandma said ” if u eat something sweet it is  will helping you get relax for you problems ”  and my second favourite food it is “DONUTS “

i don’t know why ? i am really like this donuts and i will share how can make Indonesia donuts 🙂


(Donuts Chocolate and Jam ) 


1 kg of flour

1/4 butter

2 white eggs

fine granulated sugar

chocolate bar

1 tbsp Fermipan  (fermipan is a brand from Indonesia to make breads and you can replace them with other brands )

Preparations :

1. Mix eggs, sugar and butter and stir until they are one.

2. if you have looked together and put flour until it looks together again and brown (melt the chocolate first)

3. Enter Fermipan (or other brands) that have been mixed with one glass of medium water. little by little mixed into one. when the dough has been seen, there is no mixture that is attached to the hand.

4. throw the dough several times. keep quiet for 45 minutes until it expands

5. if the mixture has expanded. shape the dough as you like

6. heat the oil until you see a small bubble (don’t burn too big)

7. Add the donuts and cook until they look brown and dry up. ciam not a few minutes. after that apply as you like (like chocolate or cheese) on top of the donut

8. ready to serve


Enjoy the Recipe 🙂








Meat Ball or Bakso

Meat Ball

Actually Meat Ball my favourite food in my life . i am very love this meat ball . i remember when i going home ( Indonesia (Jakarta) i always looking meatball around my house  and after i met my husband i took him to indonesia restaurant in Melbourne . he very  like meat ball same like me as well  and then why i tried to made how can make this meat ball and finally i could made this meat ball 🙂

enjoy the recipe 🙂




300 grams of minced beef (if possible before cooking it into the refrigerator first)

5 tablespoons of flour (I use “pak tani” flour)

2 only white eggs


2 garlic

pepper powder

cold water


Preparations :

1. prepare all ingredients (cold minced meat, sago flour etc.)

2. Enter the minced meat into the blender and add a little cold water. (if the blender does not want to work, try stirring with a spoon and then return to the blender again. until it looks soft and discolored)

3. remove the minced meat from the blender and then move the other container. stir gently with your hands and then add flour, pepper, a little salt, garlic. mix well .

4. when it looks evenly form the round dough then cook the water until it looks bubbles and then enter the dough mixture.

5. If the meatballs have floated it means the meatballs are cooked and lifted


Make the soup meat ball:

I just take easy for making the soup from meatballs i bought chicken flavor at Supermaket 🙂

boil water, fire not too big. when it is seen boiling, enter the chicken and pepper flavor and stir well. wait for it to boil properly then serve


enjoy 😉